The Weirdest Timeline

Hello! Long time, no see Mr. Blog. I wrote on my whiteboard that I needed to write a blogpost this week to make up for my depressing previous entry, so here I am. What’s new? Well.

I’m running paid TTRPGS! I’ve been a Game Master now for two years almost, and it’s a perfect encapsulation of everything I love about performing. A captive audience, and a chance to write! I really ought to write more, as it turns out, I’m pretty good at it. Which leads us to…

Poetry! I did some poems recently after taking a self isolation walk with a buddy, and… well. They exist, I did them. And reddit didn’t mind my first attempt in… years? So I’ll probably keep going.

Performing? Well, that’s a tricky thing. I’m not auditioning nearly as much as I should, and up to now I haven’t been hired for much. What else is new. I made my own play for that very reason, and I’ll be streaming and continuing voicework for those same reasons. I like that with stuff I create I don’t need permission. With VO, at the very least if I get rejected, the turn around was fast.

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve been productive during this time of isolation. I abstained from work as my inlaws are both over 70. If this goes for a long time, I “need” to be healthy. I can’t do that if I work with young children in my current teaching role, period. But I’ve been lazy. I’m the first to admit it. Sloth is definitely my sin.

All I can do is hold myself accountable, and try to move forward. I hope this inspires someone to do the same. Poetry below. Enjoy, and speak soon, folks.


poetry 1

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