We All Miss David Bowie

Today is a weird sort of day. I should be doing assessment, but I also want to write- and when that urge comes I roll with it.

The other day I was between auditions and I had an hour to kill. Now, in those situations I never, ever get out of the car unless it was to get food and then eat it in the car. But in this situation, I got into a drive through and then wanted to fuel up in the adjoining gas station. So naturally, the drivethrough doesn’t have a way to get back to the connected gas station but instead funnels me onto the NO U TURN PERMITTED ONE WAY ROAD.

I stopped, I parked, and I looked for the gas station, and to stretch my legs. I didn’t find it. But I did find this.


These two pictures were massive tributes to our Starman waiting in the sky. I don’t have anything else to really say except that I had a dream about him the other day and he liked my comedy scripts and told me so even though he was very sick.

We miss you, David. xx


Author: jackinaction

Actor, writer, comic, failed vigilante. This is where I go to connect somehow. Find me on www.jackinaction.com

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